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Contact: Mary Momdjian


The Baron Hotel is a fascinating historic Hotel. Prior to the civil war it was a privilege to experience this truly unique Hotel in the ancient city of Aleppo.

Whilst checking, I noticed that the hotel's domain name had expired. I decided to register it myself so it can be returned (at no cost) to the Mazloumian family when things are not so difficult. See this link from 2012:

Syria and the Syrians have suffered terribly from the war, with many ancient and more modern sites destroyed. See the AAAS analysis:'s-world-heritage-sites-using

The overhead image of the Barons taken in August 2014 that appears in the report does though show that the Barons hotel looks (from above) intact.

Also the following site has an details For Nov 2014

If you have information regarding the Baron Hotel please let me know, and I will update this page with that information.

UPDATE: This domain has now been transferred to Mary Momdjian A member of the family of the owners of the hotel... all the best..Andrew
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